ZFD 6.5

When I boot a workstation into PXE and enter maintenance mode, then take
an image of the computer, Is the image complete?
I am having some problems with installing Winconnect XPserver on a
blades that have an XP pro SP1 image (taken through zen).
On a maintenence mode image, is the datasafe info carried along in the

Is the image complete and exact?

What I am experienceing is that after the OEM image is sysprep'ed,
imaged to the new blade and started up, the computer name and
admiistrator PW is established and the machine restarts. After the
reboot, Winconnect is installed and the blade is restarted. After this
reboot, the blade may or may not hang after the Windows XP pro splash
screen goes away.

I do not see this happenening on the OEM blades, just the ones which
have received my zenworks image.

Any ideas?