Hi all,
I have created a specific group which is only able to "put an image on a
workstation object",
for that purpose I set the following trustee rights on the tree :
zenimgImage [CRW] (inheritable)
zenimgImageFlags [CRW] (inheritable)
zenimgCompression [CRW] (inheritable)
+ All attrib right [CR] (inheritable)
+ Entry Rights [CR] (inheritable)

When modifying a workstation object I have a strange issue,
If I only check the "put an image" checkbox (means vqlue 1 or 3 in
zenimgImageFlags ), I do not receive any error and it's working fine.
(but this is in the case where something had already been enter before in
the field "image")
Now, if I change that field "zenimgImage" and select any image object in
the folowing error occurs : "ERROR -672", when applying my changes.

The strangest aspect is, if I use ZENwsBrowser or IManager, I do not receive
the error message,
this would mean C1 check more properties, but which one ?

thanks a lot for you help,