Has anyone had any luck using the Build-Script tools on Forge.novell.com
in creating a custom bootcd.iso? I can't create one that will fully boot
to the BASH#.

I installed SUSE 9.3 because it uses the 2.6.11 kernel, and forge has the
tools for that kernel.
I make sure the kernel source was on the pc.
I downloaded and installed the kernel patch from forge and applied it.
I ran make xconfig to customize my .config file and make sure the proper
drivers were added for SATA and e1000.
I ran make dep && make bzImage
I ran make modules modules_install
I unzipped the zfd6.5 and edited the environ.cfg to remove the pcmcia and
to point the kernel to the correct location.
I ran ./mk_all.s to create the boot images.

From there I can create cd from the bootcd.iso, but when it boots, it
sits at a blinking cursor and the previous line says
input: ImExPS/2 Generic Explorer Mouse on isa00060/serio1

I can't get it to go past that.

Any clues would be helpful.