I am making images (Zen6.5) (Novell 6.0, W2K3 Zen imaging server).

When I put my image on a machine and then go to the cmd prompt and ran
zwsreg, It said it updated the information for the imaging workstation
instead of the new/reimaged workstation.

I created the image on CC-IMAGE (computer)
Syspreped and manually imaged to the ZIS.
Manually brought the image down to CC_IMGTEST (computer) (not the first
time this has been reimaged. Image safe data looks ok)
After I brought image down, and minisetup ran, and the machine settled
down, I ran zwsreg on CC-IMGTEST and it returned that it successfully
updated the info for CC-IMAGE.

Did I do something wrong?

What file is the workstation info kept in ? Do I need to delete this
out of the image?