first thanks to all of you who participated and helped with the zenworks
imaging driver project.

I would like to invite ALL of you to take a look at a new project called
eZie.. enhanced ZENworks imaging environment


Underneath docs you will find the first draft of the roadmap.

Unfortunatly I don't have the coding skills to create this tool so any help
is welcome.

Also note that there is an other very nice project called ZENworks Imaging
with X and USB Boot on


from Mike Charles which supports ICH7 Sata controllers in native mode.

Please post into the official Novell Support forums at
novell.support.zenworks.desktop-management.7x.imaging-server.nw-win in THIS
thread as I'm not reading the forge pages that often at the moment.

Mike Charles: Please contact me, just read your message.

X'Posted to: novell.support.zenworks.desktop-management.6x.imaging,novell.support.zenworks.desk top-management.7x.imaging-server.linux
F'up2: novell.support.zenworks.desktop-management.7x.imaging-server.nw-win

If you have already compiled drivers or have linux.2 please put them on

Marcus Breiden

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