We have had a batch of these nx6125 laptops and they have broadcom 5700
extreme gigabit nics in them, i can create an image of the lappy with all
software installed etc and its about 4.6gb, then i image it to the
network using img from bash prompt and it takes about 1 hour to upload,
however when i try to bring that image back down onto the laptop it takes
over 2.5 hours ! i have tried geting the latest broadcom driver and
updating the linux.2 file etc but thats made no difference at all, we
also have dell desktop pc's running the broadcom 5700 which have no
problems at all with imaging. i dont think its the nic but something
else, does anyone have any ideas ? PS also tried flashing lappy bios to
latest version just for a laugh that also made no differrence.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr poxy laptops :)