Has anyone seen this problem?

NW 6.5 sp1 imaging server
Zen 6.5 sp1

Dell Optiplex 260 w/ 3 IDE drive - c: primary, d: and e: just data drives

After the systems was imaged with the "img restorep" command from our
standard image, the system boots, but the d: and e: drives are now showing
in disk management as unallocated.

I'm thinking (hoping) that the data is still there but since a particular
drive was not specified in the command line, the file system type or some
other setting got changed on 2nd and 3rd drives? A co-worker of mine
mentioned he ran across this once and fixed it by booting to a linux cd and
using fdisk to recreate the partition - but DID NOT format it. I'd rather
not do something that drastic if someone has seen this and has a less risky

Any ideas welcome.