Hi we are trying to configure zen imagig from a cluster.
We almost have it...

everything is running off a cluster resource and we are using the
clustered resources ip for proxie server, PDHCP, TFTP server and the
ini files were set

when a workstation boots up it sees the proxie server and gets an ip.
The proxie server is the clustered resources ip

"Auto-select" : comes up and it shows..
"Zenworks boot" :

Boot server ip comes up with the correct cluster resource ip
"Zenworks network management and security version 5.6r1 (build 117)"
"PreWorx (Pty) Ltd

local ip: dhcp address correct
subnet mask: correct
transaction server ip : clustered resource ip
gateway ip: correct

"Zenworks shutting down"
"press any key to continue"

What are we missing ? The machine's workstation object was set to
image the machine on next boot inside Console1

thanks, Joe