I used to image up to a hundred computers without multicast. Same server.
It went slow but it worked.

When i use it after SP2 upgrade (going to suse) it start hanging
computers. in the Downloading bootfile to disk session.

the first 8-10 computers starts imaging. and teh other crashes. After the
first ones are finished i can restart the others. And they do their work.

Tryed to upgrade to a 2x1000 trunk server/core but it didnt work.

If i start all machines into maintanance mode. and do a manual imageing.
25 computers starts all fine. But in auto mode with Console one settings.
It wont.

So i asume its a Suse problem? Hangs when it cant download the last files
or packet loss? The tftp sessions works out. little slower. But it
works... Its when linux start do download the last file (all dots) its
hangs out... ;(

Any thoughts? Moving TFTP server do another server? Is it a known fault?