I'm experiencing an occasional problem when using Zenworks 6.5 SP1 to
upload an image. I had previously found that some files were
unrecoverable. Extracting from Image Explorer would create appropriate
directory structure and file objects but these all might have zero byte
length and no usable data. I submitted this to Novell and eventually
received the diagnosis included below. I never felt comfortable with
this as in some cases we could restore some files within a folder but
not all. We would also receive a "Compression" error when attempting
to restore individual files. The workstations are a variety of Windows
2000 and Windows XP with various patch levels. Our plan has been to
create a Zen image of a workstation and then deliver new XP SP2 image
to it and then restore user data from the backup image. Our confidence
is shaken since we're finding the images are unreliable. Additionally,
I recently attempted to recover data via a truncated file set add-on
image to a secondary hard drive using the Zen engine and received a
"Segmentation Fault" about 500MBs into the 2GB image.

Troy Taylor

*** Except from Novell's response to SR.

So here is what we know, we have been able to look in the archive of
the files in question, and were able to see that the files were NTFS
Compressed (email archives, .exe's, .logs etc). Looking on a Windows
2k Pro workstation, I can see many files that have compression. The
files are not in blue (which is the normal way to show that a file has
had compression enabled) but the "Size" vrs "Size on disk" show that
some NTFS compression has occurred. These two results help show why
Image Explorer can not extract the files, because of the NTFS


Troy Taylor