Several questions revolving around NTFS Compression. I've Googled against
all of these but I haven't found definitive answers for any of these.

- Any known negative impact regarding using COMPACT /U against entire drive
prior to creating an upload image?

- Recommendations for using COMPACT /U within Windows or from BART PE?
Should I be concerned if used from within Windows whether items in-use can
not be uncompressed. I'm most concerned with using Zen to create a backup
image of user data during workstation OS install (full reload)

- Recommendations for running COMPACT /U against our base image that we are
delivering to workstations via Zenworks? Does this create any problems for
Windows XP such as if the DLL cache is uncompressed?

- Is Symantec Ghost affected in the same way as Zenworks by NTFS Compressed

Troy Taylor