Mhh... very strange. Now Zen takes the image from the computer... while it
making the image i can see it in the server... when it finishes... the
image doesn't exist anymore!!!! Someone can help me? Thankx again. F.

> Great! It works! Thanks Lasse... We have 6.5 without SP2. Anyway putting
> SATA in "combination" mode it worked. Thank you again. F.
> > What version of Zenworks are you running? Zen 6.5SP2 supports SATA drives.
> > If your linux kernal dont support SATA try to go into the BIOS and change
> > from SATA mode to combined mode.
> >
> > /lasse
> >
> > > I tried to make an image of Dell Optiplex GX620. I set everything in the
> > > inventory then the machine had a regular boot from the net by PXE.

But when
> > > it should start imaging say "runlevel: 6" nothing to do... I tried with
> > > other computer and everything seems be ok (it's not a GX620). Any
> > > suggestions? Anyone had experienced trouble with GX620? Thank you. F.

> >