Does anyone have a linux.2 file with the tg3.o drivers added to support
the latest broadcom drivers. Zen 6.5 SP1.

Also does novell document anywhere tidy how to add these drivers to a
linux.2 file ?

i have looked at
(which is great if u actually have the .o file) but am having problems
compiling the driver using Novell Linux Desktop as NLD seems to be using
kernel 2.6.?? and the linux kernel is 2.4.28 in the linux.2 file.

I have searched novell forge which comes up with tonnes of stuff nothing
later than about August 2003 though.

What OS do Novell recommend you compile these drivers under ? the info is
all a bit flakey and relies on you havign a good linux knowledge which i
currently dont (expereiences like this aint encouraging me to look into
linux either lol)

ALl i want to do is add a driver surely this should be easily done, i am
just having major problems with it at the moment

Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!