Hi, folks:
I am new at setting up PXE on any server.
I am running a test environment. Server is NW 6.5 SP5. Zenworks suite
6.5 SP2. This is all running on an IBM Server.

I have configured the ZenWorkstation import service. I can register
the workstation, deliver apps through NAL, remote control the
workstation, see the inventory with no issues. Took me a while to
find the piece I missed, but it's all working now :)

I'm trying to get DHCP/PDHCP working.
I created a range from to
I also set global Option 60 as PXEClient. After this, I did a
pxestop, unload dhcpsrvr, dhcpsrvr -d2, pxestart.

When I boot the workstation in normal Windows mode, DHCP gives me an
IP Address. However, when I boot up a PXE, I can't get anything coming

I ran DHCP -d2 to watch the messages.
When I boot the PXE client, I get the following messages:

Get type 4, IPAddr:0.0.0. Leasetime:0, MacIndx:1152 pIP:0
Fill pool returned error 1
Fill pool returned error 1
Error 5 adding new IP
AMAGet() exit err:5, subnet:, addr:
<DHCPDISCOVER>Packet received from client <actual mac address>
DHCP Warning: Out of Addresses for client <actual mac address>

Any further troubleshooting/things to narrow this down and find a
solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,