Hi All

We have a new batch of Dell GX620's and i cannot get them to image via
PXE. I have applied Zen6.5 sp2, and i still get the same error. "Could not
connect to the image server" .

When it gives me the above error it does show the correct ip of the
imaging server. And this is after it gets an address from DHCP, and just
after it loads all the data it needs into ramdisk.

If i try and image another pc it works a treat, also i was thinking it may
be the vlan it was in, so i switched ports and the problem follows the

The DVD drive is an NEC ND-6650A if that makes a difference, i know there
is an issue with the phillips drives.

I feel i may be missing something obvious, maybe updates i need to drop
into the sys:\tftp folder?.