In our environment given that we have a domain and wish to fully automate
the windows installation process I am tring to figure out a way to modify
the sysprep.inf before minisetup launches with the computername
information stored in the bios. To do this I have split the image into
three components. The base image containing the OS and preinstalled
software, a drivers image for each platform, and a sysprep image
containing the sysprep.inf and comandlines.txt . Now for the tricky part
which is modifying the syspre add-on image before applying it to the
workstation. The direction I have taken on this so far is to first create
a small fat partition, and restore the sysprep information to it. Then I
can mount the partition from preboot environment and make the nessasary
changes to the sysprep.inf. My goal from here would be to unmount the
partition and create a new image with the modifications to be stored
temporarily on the ramdisk that I can overlay later on the os image once
it has been deployed.
Do this seem possible givin that I create the modified image from the
preboot environment, or is there a differance between an add-on image
created with image explorer and the img utility that would prevent me from
overlaying the modified image onto a NTFS partition.

Loogin forward to the experts opions on this.

Matthew Pomery