Using Zen 6.5 SP2.

Made an image using a Dell GX260. The HD used was a Maxtor Diamond Max Plus
8 40GB.
It's ATA133, 3.5 Series, LBA:80293248.

The image size is 1.70GB
Partition 1 is Win NTFS Flags: Active Original Size:39527901KB
Minimum Size:3374604KB Cluster Size:4096bytes

Partition 2 is Win 95:Extended LBA Flags: None Original Size 610470KB
Minimum Size:524288KB Cluster Size: Default Size

Partition 3(Symantec) is Win NTFS Flags:Logical Partition Original Size
Minimum Size:26997KB Cluster Size:512bytes

Partition 4(Symantec AntiVirus) is Windows NTFS Flags:Logical Partition
Original Size 15286KB
Minimum Size:42935KB Cluster Size:512bytes

Partition 5(Symantec Shared) is Windows NTFS Flags:Logical Partition
Original Size 305204KB
Minimum Size:83905KB Cluster Size:512bytes

This PC/image has Symantec AV installed to mounted FOLDERS, thus the extra
partitions. Everything works fine. The Symantec mounted folders show up in
Disk Management and Win Explorer as drives.

A Maxtor went belly up and Dell sent us a Western Digital Caviar WD400BB.
It's ATA100, LBA 78125000.

Installed the WD, restored the image. On reboot, the "Finalizing Zen..."
screen appears and after a minute or 2, the PC reboots. This will happen

I have read a post or 2 about imaging to a smaller HD than the original. I
went into Image Explorer, changed Partition 1 to 35,000,000KB. The image
was restored but Symantec does not work. The mounted drives have turned
into folders in Win Explorer and have disappeared from Disk Management.

I then changed Partition 1 size to 42,000,000KB. I got the same results.

Can someone tell me how to make this process work?