I have some problem with the imaging server not reporting any error message
when the disk is out of disk space

I can image 12 gig of data on a virtual drive of only 2 gig. When the image
is finished i got a succesfull image creation message. For sure the image is
not recoverable and does not exist on the imaging server. If i check on the
server i can see the image file growing until it reach the size of the
drive. Then the image disappear and never inform the imaging client of any
occuring error.

The problem does not occur with zenworks 7 but we can not deploy this
version at this time

You can be sure i triple check the path where the image is created on the
server. I am not crazy.

My setup is
Windows 2003 Enterprise (No Service Pack) on Vmware ESX
Zenworks 6.5 SP1b (Same with SP2)
Client Boot from PXE (not a virtual desktop)

Thank You

Martin Dallaire