Hey guys. Just replaced computers in lab with 25 brand new dell gx620s.
Have zen sp2 so no SATA issues. The problems come with workstation
importing. What method is generally used to import workstations by
assigned names? should we have a zen partition or pxe? or should we
have Zen partition AND pxe? we are curious because i am just a high
school student with a difficult senior project (Novell admining). How
am I to get this to work? When we name the workstations (ctrl+alt
during pxe boot, maintenance mode imaging, zisedit) and change the
computer name, workgroup, and DNS hostname. After the workstation
successfully images, the computers will boot through pxe, then boot to
windows. user logs in, it takes quite a while after "you are attached
to server PANTHER3." hangs there for about 20-30 seconds then continues
to log in. NAL loads, etc. then policies apply halfway! Users can right
click on the desktop when they shouldnt be able to. they can then click
"properties" and it gives them a disabled message, but lets them into
display controls anyway. What the heck am i supposed to do? what are
the settings required in ziswin for the two masks?