I've run into a problem attempting to image using sysprep.

I created an image for desktops at our company and used sysprep to get it
ready to be put on any hardware. It works perfectly for the desktops, but
didn't work
for the laptops. I figured out that they have a different component that
won't allow it to work, so I had an idea. I loaded the PRE-sysprep image
for the desktop (that won't work). Then I ran Windows XP off the disk and
a repair installation. I configured a few things, and then I ran sysprep
(the same file I used for the desktops), but when I put the image on the
machine, the autologon=yes doesn't seem to be working.

I have autologon=yes, and AutoLogonCount=3. (Per michael Prentice's article)
This works just fine on the
desktop, but I can't seem to get it to work on the laptops. I used the exact
same sysprep.inf file and when the image gets to the logon point, it puts in
administrator, but doesn't put in the password.

Any suggestions?

Brian W.