I'm seeing a problem on a Windows 2003 server running edirectory and
ZENworks 6.5 SP2.

When PXE booting a DHCP address is found quickly, but when we select
any imaging option on the menu the TFTP download stalls downloading
'initrd' and times out.

I notice the the text appears as below, and the path for initrd is

Downloading Kernel "boot/linux"
Downloading initrd ""

There are two in the tftp folder by default so I would expect either
"initrd" or "boot/initrd" to be displayed and downloaded.

I have applied HP2 & HP3 but the issue continues.

This problem exists before and after we install ENGL ZIM into the TFTP
environment. I can also copy the tftp folder from a working NetWare
imaging server and get the same issue.