I've read in the followin TID 10081392
"ZISWIN Reset Flag" - When this STRING VALUE is set to 1, ZISWIN will turn
off the 'Just Imaged'
flag inside Image Safe Data to FALSE and then will exit without doing any
other work.

my question is when and "how" do I have to set this flag in registry ?
because I made a lot of test, like :

1) set the 'just image' to 'on' (with ziswin)
2) set the flag in registry (ZISWIN Reset Flag)
3) reboot the workstation
4) the 'just image' has been used because my workstation's registry has been
and reflect my image safe info ( what, in fact, I didn't want )

Because at the begining the information in my registry is correct and the
one in image-safe is not,
this means I want the image safe data being update and not the opposit.

just hope I'm clear enough to explain my problem, this is not easy, at all.

thank to you all,