We have implemented Zenworks 6.5 sp2 (with hotpatch3) in a 3-node cluster
environment for quit a while and are experiencing a lot of problems with
multicast sessions which become corrupted/broke resulting in a hanged
ConsoleOne while trying to access the Multicast Tab on the server node.

I know that with the -showhiddenobjects (tid 10072664) you can delete the
broken multicast sessions....but we have more than a hundred predefined
multicast sessions with attached workstations to it, they are used for
imaging classsrooms and college rooms. Is there a way to tell which
multicast session is the corrupt one and how, so I dont have to delete all
hundred sessions every time? Also is there a fix for this? 'cause they get
corrupted so easy. And this absolutely not workable...

Is it possible that the use of different versions of consoleone by
different departments result in corruption?

Does anyone expericience these problems too or has a solution? I'm really
in the need of a solution for this issue.

With kind regards,

University of Groningen