Hello Forum!

I tried to use the PDMenu in ZENworks 6.5 sp2 HP3. I followed the
description in http://www.zenimaging.info/tips/pdmenu.htm, but realized
I had to change some things because the article is meant for SP1, with
an older Linux-kernel etc, see also TID 10098622.

This is what I did: I copied pdmenu, pdmenurc, files.s and menu to the
sys:\tftp\boot directory. After that I edited initrd and added
getmenu.s to the /bin directory. In prompts.s I added the command ".
/bin/getmenu.s" (without parenteses of course.... :-) )
And, oh yes, I made a copy of crlf.s to crlf.

In getmenu.s the script starts crlf.s, a dos2unix conversion program. I
can see that the conversion is started but then a problem occurs,
saying "Problems converting fiel /pdmenurc to file /tmp/crlf.tmp in
UNIX format ..." The same happens with the menu file.
At the end it says "Error while loading shared libraries:
libtermcap.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

Any clues ????? TIA !
Cas Gielissen, Eskilstuna kommun Sweden

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