I have created work to do by associating an image to a workstation. I
have done this by checking the following box

'Put an image on this workstation on next boot'

I have then rebooted the machine and it has imaged successfully without
user intervention, however when the machine reboots, pxe sees that it
still has work to do and start imaging again hence causing a loop.

I have looked at the documentation and it reads that the check box
unchecks when the image has been applied, however on the workstation
object the check box is still ticked. This is causing pxe to think there
is still work to do. Problem is the imaging process is not unchecking the
check box on the workstation.

I have read about the e-directory replica and a possible cause is the
zenserver would need a replica so it can access the actual object to
uncheck the check box.

I have also clear ziswin from the base image but no luck

Does anyone have any other ideas?