I am trying to get an image to automatically drop to a PC when it is
taken out of the box. I have an image setup and placed on the ZENworks
Imaging server. I can manually download this image, so I know the image
is good.

I have an Image Object created in my Tree.

I have Server Package that has ZENworks Imaging Policy enabled, and I
have set a rule that defines this PC (right now I am just using MAC to
simplify my testing) and to download my Image that I have defined above.

When I boot the PC and go to the PXE boot, it checks for work to do and
sees none so it exits, therefore not downloading my default image.

I ran a zisedit -r at the bash prompt to ensure that no ZENworks Image
Safe data was on the drive.

I am likely missing something very small, I just can't see it.