Hello...I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately trying to get this
imaging to work:

Netware 6.0
Zenworks 6.5
Static IP network

I am trying to utilize PXE to get this working. From my understanding, I
have to have a DHCP server setup that will assign a computer an IP address
automatically during boot up (and then revert back to static in Windows). I
have yet to find a TID or discussion that describes how to do this
thoroughly. I have Zenworks (along w/ imaging) installed on one server. I
guess I just need pointed in the right direction to apply a DHCP server (on
a different box?) and get it to work w/ my static network, but to allow PXE
imaging. I messed w/ it for a day, loading nlms, and making some setting
changes (using the DNS/DHCP Management Console), but I pretty much got lost
in there when it came to setting up subnets, etc, because I wasn't for sure
what to put in those fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am not getting anywhere, but I
will continue to work on this in the mean time.

Thanks in advance!!