I have been working on putting together our new image for the Dell
Latitude D620 with the Intel Core Duo T2500 Processor. There are some
issues we ran into I thought I would share.

Workstation Specs:
Dell Latitude D620 Intel Core Duo T2500 (2.00 GHz) 667 Mhz Dual Core
Windows XP SP2 Fully Patched
Novell Client 4.91 SP2B
ZENworks 6.5 SP1

Server Specs:
ZENworks 6.5 SP2 with hotpatch

Issue 1

After Imaging PC, random explorer.exe crashes happen as well as unusual
application explorer error codes. naldesk may refuse to load.

Resolution 1

Disabling the Intel Core Duo in the Bios seems to fix the problem.
Also, updating the ZENworks Agent to 6.5 SP2 seems to fix the problem,
but I haven't fully tested yet.

Issue 2

Can't image workstation without Core Duo enabled in the Bios. Imaging
engine gets stuck at "Detect PCMCIA devices."

Resolution 2

Enable the Core Duo for the initial imaging of the PC, then disable the
Core Duo immediately afterwords.