For years I've used Zen imaging with W2k, having a single image for
several models. I take the existing image and restore it to the new
machine, add the chipset/device drivers, and save the image. That
image self-detects the machine it is dropped onto. No apparent need
for sysprep.

For the life of me, I cannot get XPsp2 to run on any model other than
the one it is created on. It boots to the black "failure" screen. Not
even Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Command Prompt will start it. The
only option is to boot it from the XP CD and repair it and add the
drivers. Then that image will not move to a different machine.

I tried sysprep as advised in the discussions in this forum and
appnote 11671. That image doesn't boot either, so it can't even get to
the mini-setup.

The 3 I'm testing have Intel 375, 365, and 345 motherboards.

Any wisdom would be appreciated.