Here's the scenario. Customer of mine has a 3 node NetWare 6.5 SP4 Cluster.
They are running ZENworks 6.5 SP1 (downloading SP2 as we speak) in a cluster
configuration. DHCP is loaded on another node and does not fail over to the
ZEN node. The PDHCP.ini is set for the virtual server IP address for
Transaction, TFTP and PDHCP Server addresses and the USE_DHCP_Port is set to
1. The TFTP.ini also has the IPADDRESS set to the Virtual Server IP address
and and READPATH is set to the cluster volume\tftp\. The DTS.ini
TransactionServerClusterIP is also set to the virtual server ip address.
They have always used a cd for imaging and wanted to start using PXE. The
workstation boots to PXE....gets an ipaddress....shows the transaction
server ipaddress but when it gets to the point where it should download the
dinic.sys file.....it give the following errors:

PXE-E35 TFTP Read Timeout
PXE-E39 TFTP Cannot read from Connection.

I know that I am missing something....but what?