Good Morning...
(Zen 6.5)
I am seeing on an ABIT KD7 motherboard (AMD processor) the following
events when I am trying to image the computer.

- I boot to the Imaging options menu and tell it to boot into Manitenece
- The computer starts pulling downs files to get there, and I receive an
error indicating that an incorrect video mode parameter was passed.
- it gives me the options to scan for video modes and maybe 8 or ninne
options are found (row/column pairs)
-I f chose any one of the options or none at all, the video mode changes
appropriately and shows the text correctly in a different mode (or the
same if I picked 0) and the load process appears to hang. I do not get
the Maint mode screen.

I have tried every possible option and the result is the same. The
process hangs at that point after the video mode is changed.

Any ideas what the problem may be?