I know this sounds a little weird, but sometimes after one of my techs runs one of the scripts we use stuff is left behind on the workstation (games, or media players that are not part of the image - but not everything). You can actually watch the image process and complete ok and restart the computer - it even goes though the post imaging stuff prior to login. Here is an example of one of the 2 scripts doing this sometimes -

dd if=/bin/mbr.mbr of=/dev/hda
dd if=/bin/mbr.mbr of=/dev/sda

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 ntfs
img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/zen/images/imagename.zmg a1:p1
img pa1
reboot -f

It's happening on XP and 2000 latest updates on both, were currently running Zfd version 6.5.2. Has anyone seen this, or do you see any reason with this script that this would happen?? It works normally if you go though imaging w/o the scripts.

Thanks for any clues!!