Hi everybody, perhaps that my next question have already been posted, I ask
anyway sorry for the redundant info:

I'm seriously considering that fact that perhaps, it's not necessary to do
a Sysprep with our windows workstations. Zen is always reinstalling the
same computer name and many other info about the station, when we imaging
this station so why make a Sysprep.

Sysprep is too long, after we have imaged a station. also, sysprep is
reinitialising some configuration already made on the final "master"
machine and these configurations have to be set again.

Another tool we start using is NEWSID that make the same thing of Sysprep.
It seems keeping more config than Sysprep (ex.: keep the file/print
sharing disabled, keep the Netbios settings of etc...) and we use Autolog
and this one is still working without making reconfiguration.

So any idea about the use of Sysprep ?