I am hoping you can explain this.

OES with zfd 6.5.

I had a workstation I wanted to get back to clean. Trying using restore
disk that came from dell. This just didn't work. So using an xp disk
reinstalled windows, but no drivers for the card could be found our
installed. The nic was not reconized, yet it had an ip via dhcp.

So I tried to put a new image on the wrkst, but this would not work. the
first 3 files would be delivered but the image process just wouldn't start.

Then realized that in the reinstall that I didn't put the agent in so I
installed the agent. After several reboots and attempts to image it
wouldn't work.

So, just out of a whim decide to try reimporting the wrkst by enter the
zenwsimport and ip address of import server in host file on wrkst. (still
configuring dns) Then the image process started just fine.

Why zenwsimport? Does the imaging process rely on import server. The wrkst
object already existed before. What I noticed is that there was new object
with a generic/default ip of which not even in my subnet.
Can you explain what I am not understanding about the imaging communication?