I have run into a problem first with Zen4 and now Zen6.5.2. I can not
drop the same image onto a computer that has become corrupted. I must
have a different image or must use a Ghost image before I can reimage a
computer with the needed image. The system will go all the way through
all of the motions of imaging the computer and restoring it but when
the system reboots the computer has the same problem and the same
files. Occassionally the imaging software will delete the partition
but then will not drop the new image onto the computer because the
partition is corrupted or not present. Using the:
Img pd
img pc1 ntfs
img pa1
creates a partition.

Checking the partition indicates that there is a usable partition there
but the image will not run. I must first image that computer with a
ghost image before I can drop my origimal zen image onto it.

Has anyone else run into this and how have you fixed that problem? I
do not have space to store 2 different images for each lab.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt