We are using Zenworks 6.5.2. I have an old image for an HP NC6220 laptop. I
put it on a repaired laptop, updated it and took an image of the update and
put it on our server fine. Able to open it with imgexp fine. Another laptop
is repaired and I try to put the updated version of the image onto this
laptop. Using the same boot cd (6.5.2), the laptop freezes at different
points (completely random) in the process. I then use an older boot
disk and it boots up fine but when the image starts to come down, it bails
after about 30 seconds and goes back to the bash# prompt. I can still put
the older image on the machine. I do that and update everything once again.
I then use the disk to make a "new" image again figuring there may
be something wrong with the way 6.5.2 handles it. The same exact results
happen everytime. Hanging with the 6.5.2 boot disk and bailing after about
30 seconds using the disk. I can still open the images fine with
imgexp.exe. Does anyone know what is going on here? Any help is appreciated.