We have purchased some Tecra M5s but the NIC (Intel PRO/1000 PL) is not found by Zen imaging when I PXE boot them.

We have ZenWorks 6.5 SP2.

I have had a look on the patch list on Novell support and it looks like there is a patch there to update the Linux in the imaging server (Netware 6.5 SP4a) to the current version, which should fix the problem - zenimgk2657244.tgz.

I have downloaded the file, but not being from the Linux side of life I need some more help than the TID contains, which is

Install instructions are in the ZENworks on-line documentation. Use the URL below for your version of ZENworks:

This link takes me to the index. I have located the info about 'Adding Linux Drivers in Zenworks 6.5 SP2' (pp.723-735) but I cannot see anything that tells me how to upgrade the Linux on the server. I presume it is held in the 'sys:tftp\boot\root' file so I had a look inside it on a SUSE SLES 9 box that we are using to 'practice' on. It seems to bear no resemblance to what is inside the downloaded file.

Any help gratefully received.