Zenworks said no nic driver found so I upgraded to SP2 and it still says no
nic found...

My Motherboard is a MSI K8NGM2... with an Nforce 4 (410) chipset / VITESSE
VSC8201RX Lan device...

I noticed that with SP2, PXE doesn't use linux.1 linux.2 anymore? It uses
some 'boot' folder?

In any case, I'm not sure where to go from here. I have a .c file on the
motherboard driver disk that supposedly is a Linux driver to be compiled. I
don't work with Linux so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to compile the driver
and inject it into the PXE boot files. Is there any good guide for doing
this? Or is there some more simple solution?

Please excuse my ignorance if this is off the wall.... but why doesn't
someone at Novell just update the files in the PXE boot folder to include
all new NIC drivers periodically?

Thanks for any help....