The situation is like this:

- Netware 6.5 SP5
- ZenWorks 6.5 SP2
- 7 Imaging servers on different locations

Each location has its own imaging policy, image objects and image files.

When we try to put an image on a workstation with the server policy or
workstation policy we get the message: "Image Obeject did not contain
image file information".

One way to resolve the issue is to grant Public rights to the image
object. But it seems to me that that is not the right solution.

An other thing we found was that several ZIS objects didn't have right to
the root object. So thats something that went wrong during installation.
We set the root rights of the ZIS objects manualy and are currently
testing to see if this is the solution to the problem (it seems that it is
not the solution for all sites but just for some).

Can someone tell me what possibly went wrong and how to resolve the issue
the right way.


Yorick Spierings