Hello all,

Because of the problem described in TID 10099748, we applied a hot patch to
our imaging server.

Surprise surprise, the entire backend architecture appears to have changed.
Now we have files like z_auto.cmd that appear to control the PXE download
process. The whole thing appears to be governed by loadlin.dnx now.

Now, when a client boots PXE with work to do, we get stuff like this:

Downloading config file "/cmds/z_auto.cmd"
downloading kernel "boot/linux"
downloading initrd "boot/linux"

And then shortly after that we get a kernel panic. The reason why is
obvious: it is trying to use the same file for the initrd as for the kernel.
I have looked at the little CMD files and they are correctly specifying a
different file for the initrd. This setting is clearly being ignored. I
can put anything I like in the initrd= setting and it makes no difference.
It looks to me as if someone, when compiling this loadlin.dnx, has made a
mistake and put the same variable in two places. This is obviously not
something I can fix on my end. I can't even work around it by renaming the
initrd to the name it's looking for because clearly I can't have two files
with the same name in the same place.

Is Novell aware of this problem, and is there a new version of this hot
patch? Or is there something I am somehow doing wrong? I certainly can't
think of anything I can do that would change or influence this.