I'm probably trying to do something that is not supported but wondered if
there is anyone else out there who has done this.....

We have large network with many different systems running on it....

I need to be able to run multiple PXE servers on our network that is
currently one big subnet. These ZFD PXE servers also need to be on the same
LAN as MS RIS servers and Apple netboot servers.

What I want to be able to do is tell DHCP what the client needs to know from
pdhcp so that I don't have to run it at all.

We have some of the options already being handed out to the client and it is
loading up dinic.sys but I am unable to get it to display the menu that
would normally appear when you hold down ctrl-alt.

I am having trouble finding the info that I had on what to put in each of
the DHCP options.

Is anyone else doing this?

ZFD6.5sp2 and Netware 6.5sp5


PS yes it will work if I load pdhcp.nlm but it won't work when I have 2
running in the same subnet, plus RIS etc etc.