Im trying to set up PXE and Imaging and have get PXE to work.

I wanted to test with one computer and used C1 to assign policy to this
computer to take image with next boot.
The PC boots up from network and received IP-adress. It shows up with
somekind of SUSE boot-picture and comes up with a menu. Now the computer
seems to hung up and it doesnt respont to keyboard. I can only switch
screen like in Linux ALT-Fx
After many minutes an error-msg shows up and says it can't connect/find
the image-server and then reboot.
The image-server is running on the same server it boots from (PXE-server
and pdhcp).

On console the Image Server screen says now "Update Request = 4", so some
kind of connection must have been doen.

Im using ZfD7, but i guess there is no different from ZfD6.5
Server is NW6.5 SP5

What can be the problem?

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