I have hundreds of workstations that use Foxconn motherboards with onboard SIS 900 NICs. So far, I am unable to make the successfully boot with PXE and connect to our imaging server. Whether or not there is work to do is irrelevant: the station obtains an IP address, finds the correct transaction server IP, and just as it should start to check for work, it lags for a few seconds and replies with...

Heap:dispose fail
Heap:dispose fail
ERROR: No response from port map service

These errors repeat and eventually the system boots to its old OS. I have flashed the system BIOS, changed subnets/network hardware (Cisco 3524 to Netgear dummy 10/100 switches), and fiddled with all the BIOS settings I can think of fiddling with. I have seen that SIS has different SIS900 boot ROMs available for download, but I don't know what to do with them (they are in .ROM format)...?

When using an imaging boot disc and booting from that CD, things work mostly fine.

At first glance, changing NIC drivers would make sense, but isn't the same driver being used in the Zen boot disc and PXE?

-ben knorr
Westminster College, SLC, UT