He he, next step in the T60 saga.
Well, I've done a lot of Zenworks work before, but never really had a
lot of experience with add-on imaging.

I've got a base XPSP2 image, a Novell/Zen add on and a sysprep image,
and on top of this I have a machine specific driver image.
The driver image has a structure that supports copying of *.inf based
drivers to a structure which will then be implemented by the win install
(this is all the hard work of our good external consultants).

Some of the drivers for the T60, namely the fingerprint scanner doesn't
have an *.inf based install, but has an *.exe file which will install
the whole shabang, as well as a few other drivers and utilities.
So how do I do this the best way, how do I get the final utilities and
drivers installed, snapshot from zenworks converted to an add-on image?

Any input on this?