I know this is Zenworks 6.5 forum, but I posted my information in Zenworks
4 Imaging forum and haven't received a response.

We rae using Zenworks 4.01ir7 at our school and Netware 6.5 SP5. We
applied the patch for Zenworks 4 to work with Zenworks 6.5.

I just got a image made for Dell Optiplex GX260 computer. We are
running Windows XP Professional SP2 and Novell Client 4.91 SP2 PatchC.

There is no Zen Partition so therefore Lilo is not in the image as the
boot loader. The hard drives are IDE and not SATA.

When I went to re-image the other 3 computers (they are all Dell Optiplex
GX 260, with same motherboard etc...) with this image, when I re-booted
the computer it says "missing operating system". This is happening on all
Dell Optiplex GX260 computers that I drop an image down from the image I

I took the hard drives out and set the jumper from Cable Select to Master.

Also, I checked the partition by booting up with a Windows 98SE boot disk
and it shows the C: drive and that it is set to Active on all 3
computers. At the school we format as FAT32. All our other Windows XP
Professional SP2 zen images were formatted as FAT32 as well, and we never
had problems.

I even booted up one computer that has this problem and the computer I got
the image from to the bash#: an typed in:

mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/harddisk
cp /hdd/mnt/harddisk
cd /mnt/harddisk

The directory structure and all files were on both the computer where I
made the image from and the computer that is causing the "missing
operating system."

Have you ever saw this problem when imaging from a Zen Image on the same
type of computer where it gives missing operating system and if so what
was the solution?

I'v made many images before (i.e IBM's, Dell's etc...) and re-imaged
computers using the correct images and never had problems.