I am trying to boot up with a zenworks boot cd that I burned from the
location on our
zen65sp1 server.The server is Nw65sp5. The server has zenworks imaging
installed correctly
because the linux environment was coming down to the workstation in the past
and we were able to
image without a problem. We just received a project to image 175 Ibm
8212-iyu machines with
on board nic cards. Pxe brings down the linux environment but then we get an
error message
about the nic not being supported. I downloaded the drivers for that intel
card and put them in the
driver\net folder which I created from the zimboot.exe file on a floppy
along with the settings.txt. I didnt
change anything in the settings file because we use dhcp except for the line
to associate the nic drivers.Well it is still not supporting that card.
Maybe the drivers are wrong. Can anyone offer some help with this? I am sort
of under the gun to get this done. Thanks