Hi all,

I'm having the following problem with imaging. I'm using NW 6.5. I have been
doing a lot of imaging from the server and via multicasting without any
problems. I just built a new image running Windows XP pro. As I deploy the
image via multicasting, the clients just stop out of the blue and return to
the bash prompt. The multicasting server says that the client connections
have dropped. Thinking it was a particular file that it was bombing on (a
log file), I deleted the log file and retried it. No dice.

Then I made a zmg file from the PC, but had the exact same results when I
went to deploy the image. I also ran scandisk and defragged the system, but
still didn't have any luck.

To get the lab up and running again, I used an old zmg file I had used last
year. That went just fine, which makes me feel like it has something to do
with the master image.

Thoughts? Suggests?


Bill Griscom