Had an issue with a new XW4300 system. I set it for raid, and put 2 new
hard drives in. Set up the system, and attempted to image. I got the
message about no NTFS signature found, run chkdsk /f.

I did that, rebooted, same thing. Now I thought it odd that Zen was
seeing 8 partitions, most empty but it saw one as ontrack disk manager
or something to that effect. I thought ok odd, if that software came on
one of these disks, it should not see it now that I did a raid 0 on it.

Also chkdsk had errors on a brand new load, so I said the heck with it.
Deleted all partitions in the zen image console. Repartitioned and
reloaded windows. Now I see AST Swapfiles and a partition 8 in the
terrabyte range :)

So it's clear that It doesn't like the INTEL Raid controller which I
think in normal mode is ICH7...

I'm running an early hotpatch of ZFD 6.5SP2. Were any imaging drivers
added to later hot patches that would make it worth while going through
getting and installing them?