1) I'm deploying ZDM 6.5 to a very large school district. At one of my
test sites, multicast imaging is turned on. Everything about the
multicast session works as it should from the ZDM perspective. However,
the session takes 70 minutes to complete to a single workstation. Is a
multicast session to a single client problematic? When I unicast the same
image to the same workstation, the simple image process takes 17 minutes.
This doesn't seem to be a ZDM issue, but I can't say that for sure.

Before our WAN guy blew me off, he told me that multicasting is turned on
to all VLANs in the school, so "of course it's slow." I gave him the VLAN
segment I needed, and asked him to turn it on only to that specific lab
VLAN. Does this matter?

2) My WAN group insists on knowing the IP address that ZEN imaging uses
for multicasting. I understand that it changes, but I don't know how to
convince them of this. They tell me they MUST have an ip address. This,
even though in #1 above, multicast imaging is obviously working with the
address I provided, before I knew that the address changes. I don't speak
no stinkin' Cisco, so I'm easy prey...

Any assistance will be appreciated