Hi Guys

Well, we got the Thinkpad T60p here to work nicely now, quite a lot of
tweaking to the standard windows xp image needed though.

It all seems to work quite good, except when I want it to wake from

If I ask it to go to Standby with Fn+F4 it does that, but when I then
try to awaken it with Fn, it lights up the battery and then nothing
(the disc seems to sound of like it's spinning).

Thinkpad has a solution that it's concerning that it initializes the
idedriver too early, I've tried applying the patches given from
microsoft concerning this, but to no help.

Anybody that has found a solution for this?

If you have a T60(p) could you tell me what hal.dll you have
(version->internal name).
My hal.dll is currently a halacpi.dll, and I was wondering if it should
be a halmacpi.dll instead?